Proper and regular brushing is the first step towards good oral hygiene.

DO NOT skip brushing your teeth before going to sleep each night. Food debris caught between your teeth works up to provide good energy for bacteria to enjoy their nightly meal. This in turn causes acid formation and weakens your tooth surface.


Flossing is another important element in keeping surfaces between each tooth clean and free from remnant of food stuff.

Extraction involves local anesthesia to prevent undue pain and stress on the patient.

Mouth Rinse

Mouth rinses available on the shelf nowadays provide a wide range of taste, smell and effect. Most of them provide one very important effect – eliminating bacteria that causes tooth decay as well as bad breath.

Additional specific instruction eg: interdental brushing, post-operative care etc. will be given on a case to case basis

Regular Dental Check Up

Regular dental check up is recommended every 6 months for children and adults. The purpose of a dental check up is to:

  • Examine your oral hygiene status.
  • Check conditions of your teeth.
  • Check for signs of decay, gum problems and other signs of deterioration.
Upon checking, you would be given a summary of your condition and if any treatment is required you will be advised on the options, cost and time required.

The Malaysian Dental Association normally organizes a FREE Dental Check up month (around April each year). During this month check up is done free.

X-Ray (Radiography) Examination

X-Ray (Radiography) Examination X-Ray are done only if deemed necessary. This is normally done to conclude or exclude a diagnosis.

X-Ray will give a more definitive view of the tooth and surrounding hard tissues in question.