Mandible Dislocation

Correcting mandible dislocation is an emergency procedure done to reinstate the jaws to its original position.

In some cases, the jaws may become "locked" during a wide yawn. While most of the time jaws return to its original position with some minor pain, there are times when it may be dislocated from the bone socket and become "locked" in the open position.

In such cases the jaws may remain open and has to be re-adjusted to close.

Drainage of Pus

This is to drain off pus that is trapped within a swollen part of the gums or mouth.

Minor Trauma

Mostly involving children, tooth may become dislodged or distorted due to a fall causing severe pain or soft tissue injury may occur.

Post Extraction Bleeding

In rare cases where bleeding persists or recurs hours after an extraction, intervention by dentist is necessary to control discomfort