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Chronology of Events
Dr. Joon Muthamah
BDS (Malaya) 1991

Dr. Joon graduated in 1991 from University of Malaya attaining the Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

She was then offered attachment training at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru where she worked under the supervision of Dato' Dr. Tan Nam Hoo (Consultant - Maxilo-Facial Surgery) and Dr. Chen Swee Lian (Consultant - Oral Surgery). In 1993, upon completion of the attachment training, she was transferred to Tangkak, Johor as Dental Surgeon in charge of the Tangkak Hospital's Dental Clinic until 1995 and then to the Kluang District Hospital in Johore until 1997.

She left government service and worked in private practice since 1997. Joined JOON DENTAL CLINIC as a founding partner in 2003.

Chronology of Events

Pre-University (1986)
Dr Joon completed her Form Six in the High School Kluang (Johore) and was offered to do Dental Surgery in the University of Malaya.

University (1987)
At the University of Malaya, Dr Joon participated in the Asia Pacific Dental Association's Annual Congress that was held in Kuala Lumpur as one of the organizing Committee Members and among others also joined the Student's Service Corps to stay and serve the rural community at Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan for 2 weeks.

Upon graduation in 1991, Dr Joon briefly worked in a private practice in Muar, Johore before joining the Dental Specialist Clinic within the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johore Bahru.

Career with the Government (1991)
At the Dental Specialist Clinic, Dr Joon worked under the leadership of Dato' Dr Tan Nam Hoo and Dr Chen Siew Lian. This tenure was a very good exposure in both restorative treatments as well as emergency maxillo facial treatments. Here she had extensive hands on experience in treating accident victims and also in specialised treatments such treating maxillo facial injuries.

In 1993 Dr Joon was offered the position of Dental Surgeon in charge of the Tangkak sub-district. This position was based in the Tangkak Hospital's Dental Clinic where Dr Joon was to manage the day-to-day operations. There were a total of 12 direct staff members and the clinic managed preventive treatments in more than 30 schools in the sub-district.

She was also involved in the treatment via mobile operations in rural areas and aboriginal (Perkampungan Orang Asli) villages in the Tangkak area.

The management exposure received in this attachment proved very valuable during the years to come while she embarked on private practice.

From Tangkak, Dr Joon transferred to the Kluang Hospital's Dental Clinic in 1995 and was attached there until her leaving the government service in 1997.

Private Practice (1997)
As she left the government service, Dr Joon then worked for a private practice in Kuantan, Pahang and subsequently moved to a practice in Kuala Lumpur at the turn of the millenium in the year 1999. Formation of Joon Dental Clinic (2003)
After having practiced for more than 12 years, Dr Joon decided to start her own practice in 2003. She joined Joon Dental Clinic as a founding partner.

The partners of Joon Dental Clinic feel that her management experience and exposure in a variety of types of treatments and working environment would benefit our patients very much in her being able to make good judgment on the choices of treatment that best fits a situation.

The inception of Joon Dental Clinic is a humble start of a journey ...

Your Journey to a Better Smile!