Loose Removal

For children, their deciduous tooth would start becoming loose (approximately 6 years old onwards) and would fall off naturally as their permanent tooth start erupting. However, in some cases the erupting permanent tooth may push the deciduous tooth sideways causing it to look crooked or cause discomfort.

Such times the loose deciduous tooth may be extracted using spray anesthesia.


Permanent tooth that has become completely non-vital and that can’t be saved using any other restorative procedures will have to be extracted.

Extraction involves local anesthesia to prevent undue pain and stress on the patient.

The tooth is normally checked to see its root condition i.e. whether there is potential breakage of root. If required, an X-ray examination will be done to ensure the whole root profile can be examined.

Many factors affect the complexity on an extraction such as the profile of the tooth, the condition of the gums, patient anxiety and also brittleness of the tooth structure.

Minor Oral Surgery

Minor oral surgery is a procedure common to a few types of treatment needs:

  • Removal of impacted wisdom tooth.
  • Removal of broken root.
  • Removal of an embedded tooth/root.